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Ranton Village Hall General Information
Ranton Village Hall is the perfect venue for private parties and functions at reasonable rates

If you would like to hire it or any of the equipment please contact the bookings secretary on (01785) 282219.

You can also help support the Village Hall by taking part in the weekly prize draw.

Each number costs 10p per week, that is only £5.20 for a whole year !

If you would like to help then please contact Debbie on 282525 or see any member of the Village Hall Committee to take part.

The Village Hall Committee meet on the Second Tuesday of every month at 7pm, all are welcome to attend the meetings.

If you would like to be notified by email of upcoming events at the Village Hall then why not join the Village Hall email list.

Email your name and the email address you wish to be notified on to

There is also a Village Hall Facebook page that you can visit for regular updates
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